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Editronic International

EDITRONIC International, founded in 1993 with Romanian capital, is one of the most well known companies acting on the Romanian market for the import, distribution and service of X-ray products. Actually our company is acting as a commercial and/or service dealer for the products manufactured by the following companies:


Editronic International
For the first time in Romania EDITRONIC started and finalized the homologation procedure for authorizing new type of X-ray tubes needed as equivalents with the old original ones (i.e. type TUR DR 1254, 154, 150). Starting with 1996 we have completed the homologation of the X-ray tubes manufactured by Comet (Switzerland) - a famous European manufacturer until 2002 and starting 2003 we finalized the homologation of the X-ray tubes manufactured by I.A.E. (Italy) - the only actual manufacturer in Europe. These tubes, with superior quality, are the most convenient products concerning the price/quality ratio at this moment. For all these tubes we have obtained the homologation certificate and we have installed more than 100 tubes between 1996 and 2003 in hospitals placed in almost all our counties.Another remarkable result of our company is the image intensifier with TV system, which is still missing in many hospitals. EDITRONIC succeeded in 1998 to adapt and homologate de image intensifier with TV system manufactured by MEDICOR (Hungary) for the X-ray systems type ELTEX 400 and EDR 750. This allows obtaining better examination displayed on the TV monitor and by using the storing capabilities (LIH - last image hold) and the digital image processing and archiving options. Reducing the patient and doctor radiation doze is according to the W.H.O. and C.N.C.A.N. recommendation especially taking in consideration that starting 2005 the X-ray systems will not receive the functioning authorization without having an image intensifier with TV system.
Following these efforts our company is now servicing more than 100 equipment sold directly or by integrating partners through tenders organized by the Ministry of Health, Transportation Ministry, Ministry of Justice or directly by the hospitals. We should mention that our company is authorized by C.N.C.A.N. to develop all type of service operations for X-ray equipment through its own nuclear organization Editronic Service Rx (authorization No. MN 030/2003). We have concluded more than 50 service contracts on a regular/on request basis and our prices are among the most convenient on the market.Starting 2000 our company became and authorized service dealer for the HOFMANN/DORNIER (Germany) products, an esteemed European manufacturer for X-ray equipment and lithotripters. Starting with 2000 also our company became an authorized distributor for the complete range of mobile X-ray equipment manufactured by I.M.D. (Italy) a leadership European company. All these manufacturers, with a long experience of more than 50 years, are ISO 9001 certified and there products are CE marked being well appreciated in most of the European countries.We should mention that EDITRONIC is capable to offer technical services and spare parts for almost the older X-ray systems existing Romania. For the new and existing X-ray equipment we are offering installation and putting into operation services, maintenance in the warranty and after warranty period as well as the necessary technical assistance for completing the necessary documentations needed for obtaining the related authorizations from C.N.C.A.N.EDITRONIC is practically an integrated supplier offering a complete range of products and services in the Romanian medical X-ray field. Consequently our company is offering also the following products:
• Medical X-ray equipment, fixed and mobile, for radiography, fluoroscopy and mammography examinations, analogue and digital, manufactured by GENERAL ELECTRIC, MEDICOR (Hungary), JOSEF BETSCHART (Switzerland) and I.M.D. (Italy)  
• CT scanner and M.R. for complex examinations in medical imaging, manufactured by GENERAL ELECTRIC;   
• Osteodensitometers DEXA, manufactured by GENERAL ELECTRIC;   
• Digital CR-systems with phosphorus imaging plates for medical X-ray equipment, manufactured by PROTEC (Germany)  
• X-ray tubes and X-ray tube assemblies for medical X-ray equipment, manufactured by I.A.E. (Italy);   
•X-ray protective garments (i.e. front and wraparound aprons, gloves, thyroid shields, goggles), manufactured by WIROMA (Switzerland) in a complete range of sizes and colors;  
• X-ray film processors, manufactured by PROTEC (Germany), high speed and good performance, having a reduced size and a convenient price, tested for being used with most of the existing X-ray films and developing chemistry;
•X-ray cassettes and intensifying screens, different sizes and speeds, blue and green emitting, manufactured by PERLUX (Germany)   
• Developing accessories such as: film hangers, lead numbers and letters, manufactured by PERLUX (Germany)
• X-ray film viewers for general and mammography use, manufactured by ULTRA-VIOL (Poland)
• X-ray films for conventional and mammography applications, manufactured by FOMEI (Czech Republic) and COLENTA (Austria)
• Developing chemistry for manual and automatic developing of medical X-ray films, manufactured by ADEFO-CHEMIE (Germany)
As a result of all our efforts until now EDITRONIC received starting this year from GENERAL ELECTRIC the status of authorized dealer for Romania being responsible for the distribution and/or service activities of their complete range of conventional X-ray equipment, which is opening new opportunities in offering modern equipment at the highest quality standards possible as our customers are already familiar.